The long-awaited SXSW Conference and Festivals makes its highly anticipated return to stages across Austin on March 8-16, 2024. The SXSW Music Festival brings together artists, industry professionals and music aficionados from around the world to network, enhance their careers and celebrate the magic of live music – from legendary performers to emerging new talent. 

Among the 300+ showcasing artists who are set to perform this March are over 100 musicians who call the Live Music Capital of the World® home. Here are 10 of those Austin-based artists we recommend putting on your must-watch list at this year's music festival. Be sure to buy your pass for the festival and explore the full schedule.


The dreamy, couple-lead four-piece started in August of 2021 with its foundational members, Jordan Terry (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Aidan Babinski (lead guitar). The two quickly bonded over their love for not only hazy and lully music, but for one another. September of 2022 saw the group’s first LP: a self-titled, fourteen-track, shoegaze-ambient motion picture of shimmering beauty and intense affection.


Lord Friday the 13th is a glam-punk band based in Austin, Texas. The band is fronted by brother-sister duo Felix and Sloane Lenz and was formed in early 2019. Growing up almost entirely homeschooled and in a small town, they quickly realized they’d have to make their own fun. The isolation helped them foster their creativity and also instilled in them a strong sense of self, mostly free from outside expectations and norms.


Welcome to the world of L.C. Franke, an Austin-based vocalist who makes easy listening for anxious times. His sound is a mixed and sophisticated jazz-pop defined by emotional woodwind and orchestral sounds. You'll love him if you're a fan of balladeers like Frank Sinatra, Scott Walker, and Blossom Dearie.

4. WEST 22ND

With upbringings ranging from Georgia to California, West 22nd bonded in the face of sudden adulthood with songs about old relationships and new beginnings. Now together in the heart of Texas, this indie rock 5-piece brings a beachy, yet southern sound to Austin. 


ASHMAR started out his music career as a singer-songwriter and started a collective called CRTFD (certified) with his childhood friends. After moving to Austin he developed his talents, releasing tracks with his best friend and fellow artist, Shanzyan. In 2021 ASHMAR started DJing and found a lot of success in the newfound artform.


Founded in 2022, Skateland is the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer Dorian Williams Jr. Drawing from a wide variety of musical influences, he combines melancholy lyricism and new wave instrumentation with pop production techniques to create a sound that is equal parts past, present, and future.


MADAM RADAR is an Americana rock band that punches hard with their explosive harmonies, soaring guitar solos, and eclectic original tunes. MADAM RADAR is a revolving door of high-energy singer-songwriters, each with their own perspectives and styles that magically overlap like the layers of a kaleidoscope. With all four members of the band providing harmonies, MADAM RADAR is a wall of colorful sound that changes shape, demanding your undivided attention.


Water Damage is an American experimental rock collective that uses a revolving line-up of musicians (always complete with two drummers and two bassists). All members of the group have previously been part of other rock groups around the United States. Be prepared for prolonged and noisy drones, creating a sound that's gritty, uncomfortable and totally rockin'.


Austin-based My Education was formed in 1999 and has released eight full-length albums. Their post-rock sound is vibey and instrumental, making their live shows a delightful treat for the ears. 


Formed in 2018, Half Dream began with the name and songs of Paige Renée Berry and changed their moniker to reflect the ethereal and collaborative nature of the sound. Paige Berry’s songwriting explores identity, overcoming trauma and moving past fear. Floating melodies find punch in driving hooks that highlight vocal subtleties, landing somewhere between dream and tenuous reality. These songs were born from a love of storytelling, radical empathy, and unfiltered expression from artists like Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, and Helen Reddy.

Other Local Artists

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