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Conferences & Events

Intended for professional organizations with or without an active corporate contract, with 50 or more travelers. Conferences and Events provides you with discounts on meetings and events where attendees are traveling from multiple locations. To get started, fill out the request form here.

  • Intended for: Professional organization hosting, conventions and events with 50 or more travelers
  • Requirement: Travelers on Delta must originate from two or more cities going to a common destination within a defined window of time
  • Domestic and international discounts: Applicable on Delta and Delta codeshare flights
  • Multi-meeting agreements available
  • Dedicated team of specialists to help navigate every step of the way

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SkyTeam® Global Meetings

With service to over 1,000 destinations, SkyTeam Global Meetings allow you to organize international events and get access to market-leading discounts via one easy online booking tool. Sign up here.

  • Requirement: Attendees must originate from at least 2 different countries other than the country where the meeting is being held
  • Applicable on all SkyTeam partner airlines with more than 10,770 daily flights to 1,050 destinations in 175 countries
  • Must have a minimum of 50 attendees traveling by air
  • Participants may register for the event 2 months to 5 years in advance

Learn more about Delta Meetings and Events.

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Corporate Meetings

Corporate Meetings allow you to receive the better discount between your Corporate Agreement and our Corporate Meeting discounts. This product applies to any destination that Delta services from U.S./Canada point of sale and point of origin. To sign up, contact your Delta Sales Account Executive.

  • Requirements: Must have a Corporate Agreement
  • Automatically receive the better discount between your Corporate Agreement and our Corporate Meeting discounts
  • Available for U.S./Canada point of sale and point of origin
  • Eligible for a backend incentive for meetings with 50 or more attendees traveling on Delta, Delta-marketed or Delta codeshare flights
  • Registration takes very little time; plus, simplify the process even more by batch uploading all meetings at once