Time has no meaning for these 24-hour restaurants. Whether you’ve gotten up exceptionally early, studied way too late, or the bars have just kicked you out, the all-hours options in Austin are solid. You’re not going to have to drive through Taco Bell or a Whataburger (though sometimes that does hit the spot)—instead, feed yourself the good stuff at these local eateries.


For anyone looking for a caffeine fix, all three of Bennu Coffee’s locations will do you right. They’re very much a community-driven coffee house, a welcoming bunch with provisions and outstanding coffee. They work with other local businesses to have prepared foods on hand—like pizza, sandwiches, pastries, gluten-free, and vegan—for when you’re feeling peckish. The MLK location is especially great if you’re working late night as they’re equipped with plugs at every table.


The Buzz Mill has this whole lumberjack-meets-good-coffee vibe and we’re here for it. Though their food trucks do close up around 10 pm, they are open 24 hours. Their infused liquors, craft brews, and ciders are served until 2 am at which time you may want to switch to coffee. What’s nice about this spot is they also have a ton of events so you can come for the comedy, the craft market, or the tunes and stay until the break of dawn.


For those in the know, Austin’s east side flocks to Las Cazuelas, a hole-in-the-wall style joint with Selena on the jukebox and micheladas the size of your head. From Thursday through Saturday they rock the full menu for 24 hours. House specialties include huge parrilladas, alambres, Tex-Mex specials like burritos, nachos, and awesome enchiladas swimming in ranchera, mole, or suiza sauces.


For something Austin-based, and not downtown, Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery is where the locals go. They’ve been pumping out those fried dough rings of love since 1948. Specifically they start putting out fresh donuts from 7 pm - 12 pm the next day. Drive through (or Uber through!) at any hour of the night.


We’re a city that is obsessed with tacos, and so it stands to reason that you can find many of them at all hours. Tyson’s Tacos is totally Austin. Take a seat on their turquoise patio with dotted succulents tucked into Topo Chico bottles, admire their latest mural, and definitely take a peek in the golden bathroom. Their queso is a little different (white cheese with rajas), instead of the liquid gold served at other spots. And their creatively named tacos hit the spot - like the Bond Girl, the Princess Leia, and the Yoda.


Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnut (open till 3am) isn’t local but they are cheeky. If it’s after hours on Sixth Street, you can be sure there will be a line waiting to fill the bright pink box with flavors like Caramel Chai, Old Dirty Bastard, Oh Captain, My Captain, and more.


Late-nighters will appreciate Zombie Taco on Guadalupe where they claim they’ll “guac your world.” Located in the Moxy Austin near the University of Texas campus, their 11 pm - 7 am menu includes items like the Zombie Burrito with pork carnitas, a charred Korean steak taco, Baja-style fish tacos and more. If you’re on foot, wrap your hungry paws around a “walking taco” with Texas chili, Fritos, cheese, and sour cream.

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Contributed by Kelly Stocker.