Austin is known for having a variety of cuisines for every craving–and it’s no different when it comes time to order dessert. From the city’s top, high-end restaurants and cocktail lounges to local bake shops and creameries, you’ll find a myriad of delectable treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Image of a chocolate cake sitting on a pedestal adorned with colorful fruit and flowers.
'World Famous' Texas Chocolate Cake at Maie Day. ​Credit Mackenzie Smith Kelley.


For a refreshing dessert that’s not too sweet, the Rum Punch Sorbet at Canje is the way to go. Enjoy three scoops of bright, citrus-flavored sorbet topped with El Dorado Rum. Or, share a slice of the fluffy Tres Leches with a sweet fruity flavor.

Chez Zee
Marvel at the variety of decadent cakes available to try on the display counter. The combination of two classic desserts, the Coconut Tres Leches Cake is made of two layers of moist coconut cake soaked in coconut milk with sweet buttercream icing and toasted coconut adorning the edges of the cake. Other favorites include the Chocolate Decadence Cake, a dense cake with raspberry preserves and mocha mousse filling all covered with a rich chocolate ganache, and the Lemon Rosemary Cake, with lemon layers infused with locally grown rosemary, topped with lemon curd and cream cheese frosting.

The Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich is the winner at East Austin's elevated American fare spot, Launderette. The sandwiches' Instagrammable appearance and delicious flavor make this a must-try dessert. 

Maie Day
Chocolate lovers won’t want to miss Maie Day’s ‘World Famous’ Texas Chocolate Cake. Plated alongside a piece of hard caramel, drizzled with caramel sauce, and served with frosted raspberries and light chantilly cream, not only is this slice delicious, it’s a work of art. 

Nixta Taqueria
After a taco at Nixta Taqueria, you can’t leave without trying one of their homemade paleta, a Mexican frozen treat made of fresh fruit and cream. The Coco Rico is a cool and creamy pop with coconut milk, coconut cream, and toasted coconut chips. 

Uchi & Uchiko
Known for high-end Japanese Omakase sushi, the dessert menus at Uchi and Uchiko are equally impressive. The Milk & Cereal is a highlight on the menu featuring the Asian dessert of fried milk, sweet chocolate mousse, toasted milk ice cream, and crunchy cereal. Or, for a lighter option, try the Jasmine Cream with refreshing cilantro granita, pineapple, and honey tuile. 

case filled with baked goods like cupcakes and blondies at Sugar Mamas Bake Shop in Austin TexasCourtesy of Sugar Mama's Bake Shop.


Bakery Lorraine
Treat yourself to fancy French treats at Bakery Lorraine in Domain NORTHSIDE. Try one of each of the colorful flavored macarons or one of their many other baked goods. The Red Velvet Cake is a layered delight with thin layers of moist cake with a light cream cheese frosting. For an elevated take on a childhood favorite, try the Strawberry Pop Pastry with strawberry filling and a colorful iced and sprinkled top.

For a fun, frozen treat head to Ira & Bev’s Food Park in South Austin. Try the Texas Two Step, a chocolate-covered banana topped with pecans and toffee, dusted with cinnamon and peanut butter drizzle, or the S’more Banana, dipped in chocolate, covered with crumbled graham crackers and topped with fluffy marshmallow creme.

Churro Co. Dessert Shop & Bakery
Enjoy the warm, sweet cinnamon flavors of an authentic Mexican churro, and some with a unique modern twist, at Churro Co. Dessert Shop & Bakery. Choose from traditional churros with add-ons like chocolate, Nutella, or strawberry sauce, or one of their special churro creations like The Campfire, with two warm churros tossed in graham crackers with Mexican chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallows, and whipped cream.

La Patisserie
At La Patisserie you’ll find authentic, scratch-made French pastries like delicious and delicate macarons, chocolate cream puffs, refreshing lemon tarts, and more. 

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop
Looking to try an assortment of sugary treats? Sugar Mama’s menu features a myriad of cupcake flavors, but the highlights include The James, a fluffy cupcake made with premium French chocolate topped with sweet chocolate buttercream, and the 24 Carrot Magic, a spiced carrot cake with pecan pieces and golden raisins topped with vanilla cream cheese icing. Cake, not your favorite? Try their Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Bars, Lemon Bars, or personal-sized pies.

Image of a hand holding a ice cream cone with sprinkles out front of Zed's Ice Cream.Zed's Ice Cream. Credit @zedsicecream on Instagram.


Amy’s Ice Cream
Amy’s is an Austin institution with locations all over town. Each location features eight signature flavors as well as seasonal and rotating flavors. Be sure to try the Mexican Vanilla that has a unique wedding cake-like flavor with the strong flavors of special Mexican vanilla–it's Amy’s number-one seller for a reason!

There is nothing basic about the inventive, chef-inspired ice cream at Bésame, an East Austin food truck. Instead of a set menu, Bésame features rotating flavors of the day meaning that you can always try whatever new flavor the chef is cooking up. 

Lick Honest Ice Creams
At Lick Honest Ice Cream you’ll find ice creams made with only the purest and high quality ingredients. Stop by one of their several Austin locations and try the Caramel Salt Lick, a house-made caramel with a hint of sea salt, the Texas Sheet Cake, a take on the classic cake with swirls of chocolate-pecan icing in rich chocolate ice cream, or the Coffee with Cream, a milk and cream combo steeped in locally roasted coffee. 

Luv Fats
Vegan and dairy-free folks can now enjoy a tasty creamy treat at Luv Fats, the small-batch creamery that uses avocado and coconut cream bases for their scoops. Try unique flavors like Ube Black Sesame, Pandan, and Lavender Cookies & Cream from their daily rotating menu.

Sandy’s Hamburgers
For a simple yet delicious vanilla cone, look no further than Sandy’s Hamburgers stand in South Austin. Order at the counter for a simple vanilla cone or make your own sundae. 

Enjoy New Zealand-style ice cream right here in Austin at Zed’s. The all-natural, all-fruit ice cream is a refreshing cool treat that you can build yourself by choosing what fruit you’d like, the base (regular vanilla or dairy-free), then adding whichever drizzles and toppings your heart desires.

Image of the Pink Squirrel cocktail at Roosevelt Room sitting on a golden tray with a dark background.Pink Squirrel at Roosevelt Room. Credit to Eric Medsker.


Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
The Classic Irish Coffee at Cosmic is a local favorite with Irish whiskey, brewed coffee, brown sugar, and sweet whipped cream. 

Everyone loves a classic espresso martini, but with a chocolate twist this option is the perfect boozy after-dinner treat. Enjoy this signature drink at Halcyon with vanilla vodka, Caffe Del Fuego coffee liquor, creme de cacao, and Irish cream topped off with a hardened chocolate rim. 

Nickel City
For a mint flavored dessert cocktail, check out the Grasshopper at Nickel City. Made with premium tequila, white mint liqueur, white creme de cacao, and matcha tea cream for color, the Grasshopper is a minty delight with a kick.

Roosevelt Room
Stop by the Roosevelt Room to try a variety of cocktails popular throughout the past century. The Pink Squirrel, a Midwest staple in the 1950s, is a creamy cocktail made mainly of vodka, chocolate-flavored liqueur, almond-flavored creme liqueur, and cinnamon cream.